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Company Introduction

Shanghai Best Automation Technology Co, Ltd. (BEST AUTO VALVE) specializes in designing , manufacturing and supplying all kinds of automated valves. Products cover solenoid valve, electric valve (ball valve, butterfly valve, gate vale, etc.),pneumatic valve(angle seated valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, etc.),control valve, regulating valve, safety valve, etc. BEST AUTO VALVE is a strategic expansion company of KOKO Valve Group. In 1998, we have introduced complete production and assembly lines from Germany. In 2001, merged the business of pneumatic valve with Taiwan Kangaode.

Bythen, we have owned powerful productivity of 50 million RMB solenoid valve,45 million RMB pneumatic valve, 60 million RMB electric valve.

Now we have more than 600 employees, including 100 more engineers and technicians. In addition, 2 complete German original production and auto-inspection line, 221 digital lathes and CNC machines, from which guarantee the quality and safety of our products. On the further strategy, such advantages help us hold an unbeatable stand in Industry 4.0.

Quality is our lifeline. We are strictly execute ISO series standards, implementing products zero defect management during QC control and before&after warehouse management. Meanwhile, periodically have our employees trained, which is another approach to guarantee the quality of our products and after sales service.

By far, our products are very widely used in the fields of Space and Aeronautics, Petrochemical, Military, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Electricity and Refrigeration, Food and drinks, Civilian Gas and Water supply, etc.Users' trust gives us more confidence to go further for the welfare for human being.

On the respect of environment protection and green energy, we were the cooperator for 2010 SHANGHAI EXPO and are the long-term supplier for CHINA RAILWAY HIGH SPEED(CRH SYSTEM).Besides,we are the specified valve supplier for environmental friendly boiler(green energy boiler) and water treatment of Yellow River and Yangtze River, etc. We are dedicate in promoting our products globally and hope to better serve the automation of mankind.

With the concept of be human first; win the war by comprehensive strength, be better; make it better BEST people put pioneered tech, elaborate crafts and customers' benefit first, with the heart of more better, more professional, more economic ,to make the world a better place to live!

Corp Culture

Core Strategy: Implement BEST selected product strategy, represent user’s fundamental benefit

Historic Mission: Lead national brands, become the first choice of automated valves, create one of the most harmonious enterprise

Build an simple and effective win-win platform for our comrades

Create a stable and integrity-based investment and long-term income environment

Foster sustainable professional and profound empathetic talents

Community Slogan: Display your talent, take the challenge, serve the automation of human being

Common Wish: Let our business bloom all around and bring more benefit to our customers and comrades

Values:Integrity ---integrity can make communication much easier and more efficient

Humanity---the broader love you can give, the bigger platform you will play on

Incorruptibility--- Only justice can form a win-win platform

Responsibility--- Take the responsibility to make our life happier, it’s coward who is afraid of taking responsibility

Think Win-win--- To reach mutual long-term benefit, think win-win first

Be focus--- Focus, dedicated, more professional than our competitors, the market will give us its recognition

Sustainability--- Creation and innovation are the soul of enterprise, only continuos creation and innovation can make us BEST

Pursuit:Follow a sublime thoroughfare with willingness, harbor an pure admiration for noble morality

Behavior:Be efficient and effective on work, never be reckless on details

Working:Work for fun, for a complete self, for a stronger self

Cooperation: Work with team-spirit, put group first than any single one. No team, no us.

Thought:Thought decides where you go, angle decides where you stand

Management:Leaders are warm, rules are cold, systems are hard steel. Management is a practice of how to be better

To society: Be grateful, earn respect through hospitable work

Sales:Put user's demand first and find the right solution, build trust and reputation then

Living: Less give, less gain; more give, more gain; give first, gain later

Life:Every form of right or wrong are complied to natural law, do remember what goes around and comes around

Reputation: Honesty is the biggest investment, treason is the most expensive expenditure

Occupation: Every company has its own good or bad, after you choose, back judge will just make you a fool and lower who you are

Efficiency: Be fully prepared, the efficiency will show itself

Performance: If you want to be something, start from being ordinary

Process: Forewarned is forearmed .Good result is based on fully prepared.

Morality: Do not do evil things though they seems insignificant ,do not forsake good things though they may matters minor

Study:Keep learning and studying new knowledge, broaden your eyes and mind

Self-assesment:There is always some one out there who can do the things we cannot do, be modest

Success: whether you are successful, it’s been decided at the moment when you decide

Paradox: Contradiction exists anywhere, embrace those conflict that can show your value

Cooperation: Be cooperative, you give us happiness from win-win, we reciprocate you with double

Emotion: Control your emotion and feeling, spread happiness and make others comfortable , you’ll be popular