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The General Electric Solenoid Valve
General Electric Solenoid Valve are what the name suggests, its a solenoid valve for a general purpose everyday applications where users are looking to control the flow of non aggressive fluid or gaseous media. General Purpose Solenoid Valve images and Technical Library.
What is a General Electric Solenoid Valve application?
General Electric Solenoid Valve applications are general every day regular, even boring safe stable applications such as mains water control, compressed air control, vacuum systems, water cooling, water spraying and wash down systems. Basically any application where the media being controlled is non aggressive, non corrosive, low pressure, on standard threaded connections, without the requirement for any custom or specialised solenoid valve material, seal or function. For example the most common brass, stainless steel or plastic 2/2 way normally closed solenoid valve with all standard solenoid valve parts.  
Why have general Electric Solenoid Valve?
General Electric Solenoid Valve make up almost 80% of market demands, but will probably be only less than 10% of the manufactured range of solenoid valves. Imagine walking into a solenoid valve store and being confronted with 1,000's of solenoid valves and most customers wanted the same selection of only about 20. Well this is the essence of general purpose solenoid valves selection, if users need a basic on/off general solenoid valve having only a simple selection to choose from can make life much easier.
Why have 1000's of solenoid valves to choose from?
Good point, when 80% of solenoid valves are general purpose why manufacture such an extensive range, the answer is solenoid valve solutions. Outside of the general purpose range there are high pressure, high temperature, hazardous area, aggressive contaminated and viscous media applications that can require specialised sealing, position feed back, high flow, reduced bore and many other flanged or base ported, multifunctional and special custom made solenoid valve solutions and mixtures thereof to suit all semi conductor, automotive, food, chemical and pharmaceutical processing and offshore or petrochemical applications you can think of.
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