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Valves and Various Conditions
The original principle of the operation of air control valve was ingeniously basic. Operators were able to process the sometimes corrosive and abrasive water, generally caused by flooding, but the use of a "pinching" action that pressed down on a component now known as an elastomer sleeve, restricted the flow of water. This innovation was the foundation for the sophisticated Air operated Air control valve of today.
This variety of air control valve by reason of its unique design and construction does not have competition from other valve types. Some of its primary features and benefits to users of the valve are its inherent abrasive, corrosion and erosive resistant qualities, with the added benefit of non-clogging, maintenance free operation. The Pneumatic operated Air control valve provides its users with the ability to seal drop-tight on a flow product, even if the material is in a solid form. However, the influencing elastomer sleeve of this versatile valve is concealed within the outer casing, isolating the product flow from contact with any other part of the valve.
The determining factor of this valve in every aspect of usage, no matter whether the processing involves liquids, fluids or heavy duty and abrasive materials, is the elastomer sleeve. It is the controlling factor of any Air Air control valve, not only in respect of usual high performances, but for total versatility in operating in adverse conditions and environments. However, although valve sizing is of a critical priority, the selection of the correct elastomer sleeve for an operation is a maximum priority.
A Valve for all Applications
As an "on and off" valve, it is only a question of determining the maximum rate of material flow. There is a large and varied demand by users processing fibrous and corrosive applications for Pneumatic Air control valve. They are valves highly suitable for this form of operation, because of their ability to act as a blocking method and with an ease of closing. A further versatile benefit of the valve type is the capacity for operation by a hand-wheel, or automatically.
As industry in all its shapes, sizes and forms seeks improved and more affective means of controlling production and labor related costs, the demand increases for the Air operated Air control valve. For full details of how this simple yet extremely efficient valve can influence production capacities, with reduced maintenance and cost effectiveness. It has been experienced that the long serving elastomer air control valve sleeves contribute to minimum maintenance costs, due to the facility of on-site replacements.
Unlike other valve varieties, there is a minimum amount of contact between the surfaces of the Pneumatic operated Air control valve and the material flow. It is an innovative and unique feature created by the design and construction of the air control valve with the result of having only slight friction resistance. This high performing valve is widely used in the manufacture of paper, pharmaceuticals production and in other high intensive industries. While some standard valves can be used in applications involving non-abrasive products; any valve for use with an abrasive material should be selected carefully.
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