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vacuum solenoid valve important function in cars
First off, the fact that vacuum solenoid valve prevent unburned fuel particles and several other forms of gaseous and particulate waste that engines produce from escaping into the air and thence to the atmosphere means that cars without them are bound to leave you with a very swollen-looking carbon footprint.
Secondly, the fact that the exhaust gas recirculation systems of cars that require vacuum solenoid valve or switching solenoids raise fuel efficiency is a great boon to just about anyone these days. With fuel prices soaring higher by the day, every little bit, even teeny-weeny particles and gas-huffs, really does count.
vacuum solenoid valve work by the sucking up of exhaust gases before they can leave the car. Very frequently, they’re activated by an increase in the vacuum produced by the engine, a factor that’s directly proportional to how hard the engine is exerting itself. When the valve’s transduction mechanism gets activated in this way, the electric vacuum solenoid is also activated, and the valve opens, allowing exhaust gases to return to the intake manifold, which normally has the pleasing side effect of cooling the cylinder.
The switching solenoid at work in vacuum solenoid valve system is the same as any other solenoid – an unimpressive-looking spool of engine wire (often wound up to a thousand times) which, when it has a current passed through it, produces an electromagnetic field. This field will, depending on the direction in which the wire coils, either produce a suctioning, ‘pulling’ force or a repulsive, ‘pushing’ force on any object placed within it.
Solenoids just like the vacuum solenoid valve appear in several other parts of your car. There’s one connected to your car’s ignition and, when you turn the key, for the car to grumble to life the starter solenoid has to move two heavy contacts together. When those contacts meet, they allow electricity to chart a straight course from the car’s battery to the engine, thus starting the car.
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