C810-C Cast Steel, C810-B Stainless Steel Series 22 Way Electric Ball Valve
Download: C810-200CFII02-CG50.PDF
Official Website:http://www.bestautovalve.com/en/

1.Mounted at any angle
2. With emergency manual device
3. Motor with overheating protection device 
4. With visual valve position indicator
5. Valve position signal output(contact or mimic signal output)
6. No kinematic viscosity & flow direction limit for the medium
7. Valve body: Cast Iron(code: C) Cast steel( code: C), SS 304( code: B)
             SS 316 ( code: R), SS316L( code: L)
8. Seal material: III--- Butyronitrile Rubber (NBR,code: N)
                             III --- Normal: ethylene-propylene rubber (EPDM, code:E ), 
                                        Special:   Fluoro Rubber (VITON, code: V),Silicone Rubber(code:G)
                             IV---  Fluoroplastic( PTFE, code: P)
               V--- Body Material + Soft Graphite( code: bm)
              VI---  Fluoroplastic( PTFE, code: P) ---  Just limited for stainless steel valve body
              VII ---  Stainless Steel + Soft Graphite ( code: bm) ---  Just limited for stainless steel valve body
9.Control mode and signal output: C810 --- Standard open/close type ( active contact output)     C810- ◇ --- Passive contact output type   
                                                            C810-α--- Οpen degree         C810-☆--- Valve position mimic signal output  
                                                            C810-▲--- with thermal failure signal output    C8104--- Smart adjusting type

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