Q800-C Cast Steel,Q800-B Stainless Steel Series 2/2 way Pneumatic Ball Valve(Open/Close or Adjusting Type)

Official Website:http://www.bestautovalve.com/en/
1.Quick action 
2.Mounted at any angle
3.Can configure emergency manual device
4.with visual valve position indicator 
5.No limit on viscosity and flow direction for medium
6.Valve body material: Cast Steel (code: C); 
                                         SS304( code: B),
                                         SS316(code: R), 
                                         SS316L(code: L)
7.Seal: III---  Fluoroplastic(PTFE, code:P)
             IV--- Polyphenyl  (PPL,code:P)
             V --- Hard Alloy (code: Y)
             VI/VII --- Fluoroplastic( PTFE, code:P)
8.Control mode: Q80011--- single acting normally close type, Q80012 --- single acting normally open type, 
                              Q8002 --- double acting control, Q800□4□--- Adjusting type( with positioner)

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