T96 Self-actuated pressure regulating valve

T96 Self-actuated Regulator
Download: T96 Self-actuated Regulator. PDF

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Self-actuated Regulator (T96 Single Seated Valve/T95 Sleeve Valve/T99 Double Seated Valve)

1.Self-actuated by the pressure from medium
2.Set pressure adjustable during working
3.Flow characteristic: quick open, highly sensitive, accurate and excellent sealing performance
4.Static pressure regulation under condition of medium temp ≤150℃
5.Equipped with condenser , when temp is ≤350℃
6.Function options: regulation before valve, regulation after valve, keep two point pressure 
differential constant
7.Actuator options:diaphragm, piston, bellows
8.Internal parts pattern: single seated, double seated, sleeve
9.Bellows balance, piston balance, etc. pressure balance structure options

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